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About Our Company

Lease UP! is the creation of owner, Kathy Banker’s years of experience in the leasing, marketing, and consulting industry.  We are a small team of dedicated professionals with a passion for what we do.  We are here to help owners, management companies, and builders make educated decisions about their business while helping to get things done in the process.  Offering full-service marketing, leasing, training, and anything else you may need - Lease UP! fills the gaps in your business.  With your goals in mind, we build a comprehensive and customized strategy, while working with you hand-in-hand through every step.  Contact us today to get an idea of what our dedicated team can do for your business! 

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Multifamily Consultants that Get Results

When you call Lease UP! for help to lease your apartments, or to guide you before you build, it’s important that you understand you will get much more than a simple analysis. We are specialists that analyze competitors, evaluate potential value adds, advise you on features and amenities, and so much more to help you achieve your goal of maximizing your profit.  To make the process easier, and to better understand your market, we come to you and perform a full market survey and analysis.    

Market Surveys & Analysis
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Proven Success

Our results speak for themselves.  The Lease UP! team pour themselves into our projects to ensure you get the best return on your investment possible.

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Our track record is proven. Not only do we increase occupancy, but we also help you find qualified, long term residents as well. Once we have identified your goals, we conduct a property assessment along with leasing and marketing strategies to increase occupancy at the highest rents possible.

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Trained Multifamily Professionals

Our Lease UP! Pro Learning Series, consisting of topics on leasing, marketing, Fair Housing, and customer service, provides invaluable education for management, leasing and maintenance professionals across the Midwest and East Coast. Click below to learn more about how our training series can help you get an edge on the competition in and around your market.

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Creative design is a key component in the marketing of a property and Lease UP! provides services for branding, website design, printed and digital collateral material, online marketing, social media, direct mail and many more strategies. The end results get attention and drive traffic to your community.

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Looking to Identify Areas of Improvement or Become a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopping is a tactical way to discreetly learn how leasing or sales consultants interact with potential customers. Our evaluators are trained to objectively report back their experience to help property owners identify areas they are doing well or can improve upon. We are a member of MSPA Mystery Shopping Providers Association and many of our evaluators are certified in apartment evaluations.

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